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Affective reports from listening

Affective reports from listening are texts written in poetic language that undertake a sort of register of the assemblages perceived during a specific listening. These reports work as testimonies of our listening: the situation in which we listen, the images we create, our memories and subjective impressions. The way these reports are carried out reflects our desire to experiment with the construction of narratives based on sensible experience. Just as in a conversation or testimony, they favour openings towards the other while establishing multiple networks of listening between different agents. On the one hand, those who write the reports experiment with different ways to bring their listening experience to the writing level, seeking to share this experience with other people. On the other hand, whoever reads the reports can fable listening through contact with writing. From listening to writing, from writing to listening, a sharing cycle is formed, leading us to the idea of listening networks.
A fragment of an affective report from listening created by Valéria Bonafé on the basis of Ciranda of Women by Janete El Haouli and Julio de Paula
BONAFÉ, V.; CAMPESATO, L. “Many voices, resonating from different times and spaces”: a script for an imaginary radiophonic piece on Janete El Haouli. Feminist Review, v. 127 Sonic Cyberfeminisms, pp. 141-149, 2021.
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CAMPESATO, L.; BONAFÉ, V. Dispatches: cartographing and sharing listenings. In: Body in Sound, Music and Performance. Ed. Linda O. Keeffe and Isabel Nogueira. London: Routledge. (to be published in 2022).
GERMANO, G.; FERNANDEZ, A.; TÁPIA, D.; LIMA, H.; CAMPESATO, L.; MAPURUNGA, M.; BONAFÉ, V.; FARIAS, V. Listening to/with Mar Paradoxo: a collective practice for sharing listenings. Vortex Music Journal, v. 9, n. 2, 2021.
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