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dispatch 1
sky-only, a vertigo
from Lílian Campesato to Valéria Bonafé, sent on 8th May 2020
author’s note
A video that combines soundscape and visualscape, as well as a short vocal apparition. Recorded in the Atlantic Forest close to Ubatuba’s beach during my first escape from the metropolitan area where I live after a long period of confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Captured, edited and processed based on my vertiginous experience of freedom in the middle of the forest. Non-conventional use of stereo.
sky-only, a vertigo
dispatch 2
or-life (impulse 1 and impulse 2)
from Valéria Bonafé to Lílian Campesato, sent on 20th May 2020
in response to sky-only, a vertigo, received from Lílian Campesato on 8th May 2020
author’s note
A main video entitled or-life that mixes sound and visual images intra, extra and between bodies. The video contains: excerpts from sky-only, a vertigo, by Lílian Campesato, partially dyed red; a placenta print (blood on paper) taken immediately after the birth of my daughter; and excerpts from an audio recording of my daughter’s heartbeat still inside my womb. Audio and video editing, processing and mixing guided by the desire to intensify vital flows. The main video is accompanied by two other complementary videos – impulse 1 and impulse 2 (without sound), which use the same reference materials of or-life, in addition to a brief recording of my right hand wishing to touch and feel the leaves on the trees.
impulse 1
impulse 2