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Conversation as method

This action consists of carrying out conversations between artists about their creative processes. Our proposal is to take conversation as an alternative method to present, reflect and analyze artworks. Understood as a privileged space for the investigation of the poetics of the self, conversation is not only a medium to talk about a work or a certain artistic practice, but also a place for the expression of ethical, aesthetic and political marks. Through conversation, it is possible to listen and experience oneself (self listening) in contact with the other, that is, in the alterity that is inherent both in the course of the conversation’s flow and in the constitution of subjectivity itself. As an example of this action, please see the conversation de perto – trajetórias .
A fragment of a conversation between Valéria Bonafé and Lílian Campesato, June 2017
Publication in Spanish:
CAMPESATO, L.; BONAFÉ, V. La conversación como método para la emergencia de la escucha de sí. El Oído Pensante, vol.7, n.1, mar., 2019.
[full paper]
Publication in Portuguese:
CAMPESATO, L.; BONAFÉ, V. A conversa enquanto método para emergência da escuta de si. Revista Debates, Unirio, n.22, pp. 28-52, dez., 2019.
[full paper]