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In this first conversation, we focused on two musical works made in 2015: de perto [closer], by Lílian Campesato, and Trajetórias [Trajectories], by Valéria Bonafé. The conversation helped us to observe that the works stress an habitual regime of listening and provoke, each in its own way, what we call displacements of listening. In these works, listening necessarily involves the recognition of a body and a biography. Having to take their ears for a walk in search of listening or having to wrap them with a headphone to bring the listening closer to them, the listeners are invited to recognize their place of listening, to perceive themselves as agents of a particular action. In this encounter with the pieces – with the other, with the uncanny – she/he looks at and listens to herself/himself. And it is in this experience of otherness, of displacement, that listening to oneself becomes possible.
Audio files used as reference for the paper “The conversation as a method for the self-listening emergence”, by Lílian Campesato e Valéria Bonafé